The game rules - Krobs

Krobs, an educative game, simple and funny!

KROBS is an educative card game focused on « mikrobes « : From new microbes that we just discovered and are still assessing their pathogenic potential to the well-known ones that we encounter with increased frequency nowadays because of changes in our lifestyle.

At least two players are required to play the game. The game has five card colors. Each color represents a situation that could put us in contact with germs :

  • in food,
  • in contact with animals,
  • by water aerosols,
  • in the forest through ticks
  • and finally traveling to exotic destinations.

For each color:

  • 5 neutral cards illustrate harmless activities
  • 9 “risky” cards represent activities that could potentially lead to exposure

By playing those “risky” cards you will be exposed to an attack by a microbe. If it occurs you must draw a disease card. By doing so you will find out what risky behavior you committed and what germ infected you. The degree of sickness varies with the germ and you have to patiently await healing.

The time tokens on the card correspond to the severity of the disease. For example, one time token corresponds to about one week of illness. Sometimes the germ can be completely harmless and sometimes deadly. Other times while being sick you will have to skip some activities.

Read the rules leaflet, you will see it is simple and very funny

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