Waterborne microbes - Krobs

Water is life, we know that well.
It is a resource that we use in all aspects of our everyday life. Obviously to drink but also to cook, wash ourselves, or water the garden. It is part of our spare time activities on beaches, rivers, swimming pools or hot tubs. It is so nice to freshen up during the summer!



However, it is important to know that several microscopic organisms live in the water, such as algae, amoebas1 and other microbes. They are part of our environment and most of the time are inoffensive.
Nonetheless, there are some situations, thankfully rare, where there is a real risk of getting infected and sick by a microbe found in the water.

Let’s look a bit closer at those risky situations and some simple ways to avoid them.


How to protect ourselves ? 








Amoeba1 = Small living single cell organism, which is capable of moving. It is naturally found in our environment, especially in water and humid zones. Some bacteria and viruses can multiply in amoebas, making them reservoirs for these microbes.