How to protect ourselves ? - Krobs

Keep meals a pleasure

To avoid foodborne infections, a little bit of common sense and a few simple hygiene rules are enough.

At the table or in the kitchen, follow the right moves

  • Keep in the fridge all risky food such as cold cuts, meat, fish or eggs. And of course, any dish made with raw eggs.
  • Always cook to at least medium rare pork and chicken meat, especially when grilling and eating meat fondues.
  • Avoid cross-contact with raw meat, or its juice, and food that will not be cooked such as salads or sauces. Apply this both to cutting board and plate. For meat fondues, use compartmented plates.
  • Chose fresh meat and fish to prepare tartars and sushi and do not eat these in a restaurant if its hygiene seems suspicious.
  • Prefer soft cheese (such as “vacherin Mont d’Or”) made with pasteurized milk. Only eat raw milk cheeses made with fresh milk and if they are coming from controlled areas.

In summary

Keep in the fridge all food that is at risk, cook the meat really well, do not mix raw chicken and salad, watch out for tartars, sushi and soft cheese made out of raw milk and … eat without fear.

Salt, a powerful antibacterial.

Before the invention of the fridge, salt was used to conserve meat or fish. Unfortunately, the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes, responsible for listeriosis, can easily survive in high salt concentration. You can even find it in some salted cheese.