travel-associated microbes - Krobs

Travel for leisure or work…

In our industrialized countries, travelling for leisure and work has become quite common. The world is wide and there are so many amazing places to discover. Also, travel agencies are offering more and more exotic destination at affordable prices. All this travel brings us in contact with more remote places and at a faster pace.


Careful with insects that sting

However, travelling to some regions of the world is not without risks: in tropical and sub-tropical countries, several arthropods1 can transmit germs and cause sometimes serious diseases. However, in the Sahara desert or Greenland the chances of getting bitten by a mosquito are very low!

Let’s take a closer look at some of these germs we can encounter in the tropics. What are risks to cross their path and mostly how to avoid them?


How to protect ourselves ?









Arthropod1 = Small animal with articulated legs and an external rigid skeleton, which forces it to evolve through successive molts. Over one million and a half different species of arthropods exist. It is the one animal group most present on earth. It includes insects, arachnids (spiders, scorpions and mites), shellfish, and Myriapoda (centipedes).