How to protect ourselves ? - Krobs

Small animals that bite…

Most of the germs found in tropical and subtropical areas are transmitted by insects that feed off blood, such as the tiger mosquito, the anopheles, or Tsetse fly.

Therefore, avoid getting bitten by

  • Sleeping under a mosquito net covered with bug spray.
  • Using anti-mosquito lotions on your skin and bug spray on your clothes.
  • Wearing light colored long-sleeve shirts and long pants.

…and food that should not be eaten

You’ll be able to avoid germs from contaminated food by

  • Applying the same rule to all food “boil, cook, peel, or forget it”.
  • Drinking bottled water, even to brush your teeth.
  • Applying strict hygiene rules for the storage and preparation of food.

Knowledge is power!

Before going on a trip to a foreign country get informed on the risks and ways to prevent them by going on websites specialized on advices for travelers.

If you are planning on making a trip in an area with high risk for malaria, preventively take an antimalarial drug. If you are going to an area with medium or low risk, take a safety antimalarial drug with you that you can use if you have fever and no possibility to immediately see a doctor

And if even after taking all the precautions you end up having a fever or feel sick when coming back from the trip, go see a doctor as soon as possible.